As you likely already know, my name's Niko. I'd describe myself as quiet, book-smart, honest, and anxious. I'd like to think I'm pretty stylish, unfortunately I am lacking the confidence required to really sell any look. But I'm working on it! I am always a work in progress.

Right now I'm a senior in high school. I plan to go to college for Art History and possibly go on to get a degree in Museum Studies as well. I hope to work for an art museum or gallery.

My interests include reading, writing, creating and studying art, music, tea, activism, restoration, linguistics, and more...

The things that bring me the most joy are simple. A well brewed cup of tea. Petting my cats. Being around my friends. Listening to good music. Learning something new. I think as long as I can keep doing these things, I can be happy.


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I love antique shops Prepare to be assimilated Cheerwine addict Books rule Gay frog rights Homo Hopeless romantic Bookworm I love music I love night I heart books 100% in love Night person Let's do the time warp again Love anime Night owl Pride Stargazer Tea drinker Rocky horror picture show Strawberries I love subway Tea for two The 80s rocked I gaze at stars Vampire kisser Weird Live long and prosper